Irlen® Syndrome Conditions

Screening for Irlen® Syndrome can help the following conditions:

• Reading problems such as reading on white paper, inefficient reading (not clear, shifts, shakes, blurs, moves, runs together)

• Slow reading rate: problems tracking slow rate, word by word reading, often use their finger or marker

• Headaches and migraines: Please see the warning below.

Warning: Headaches, migraines, and associated symptoms may be due to a medical condition. Check with your physician before getting screened to rule out any possible medical causes. I may ask that you are cleared medically before the screening.

• Light sensitivity: Common symptoms are eye strain, fatigue, sleepiness, nausea, dizziness, it can be a trigger for headaches, head injury, concussion, whiplash

• Autism: This will not cure anyone with autism. If you have Irlen® Syndrome, filtered lenses can help ease visual sensory overload and environmental/print distortions

• Brain injury: Concussion, whiplash, and Veterans. Common symptoms include light sensitivity, regular headaches, migraines, reading, and perceptual issues. Please check with your medical professional for any medical condition that needs to be addressed first. I may ask that you are cleared medically before the screening

• ADHD: Irlen® overlays and custom lenses can often make a significant difference for those individuals with attention, concentration, or distraction difficulties, especially while reading or writing.