The Irlen® Screening Process

To be screened for Irlen® Syndrome, it is important to visit a certified Irlen screener to determine the right treatment for you. 

Step 1:

You will meet with an Irlen® screener and together, you will find out if you have Irlen Syndrome. And if so, how severe. Next, you’ll see if color overlays provide relief to some or all of your symptoms.  Lastly, you and your screener will develop a strategy to modify your environment. Perhaps your case is mild and you choose to stop here and use your overlays when you need to read.

Step 2:  

If you test moderate or severe, a second appointment will be recommended with an Irlen® Diagnostician. Here you will try various tints of colored lenses to find which color or combination of colors provides the greatest relief.  Through this process, a unique filter personalized to your needs will be specified.

Step 3:  

Your Diagnostician will send your NDL contacts, glasses, or frames (if you don’t have corrective lenses) to the Irlen® Institute where your personalized color will be applied.  Your glasses or contacts are then mailed to you.

Please be aware that wearing improperly tinted lenses could make your symptoms worse. Therefore, it is critical to see a certified Irlen® Diagnostician.  Many optometrists claim they can provide colored lenses but they are unable to personalize to your specific need.

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