Assessing for Irlen® Syndrome and Spectral Filter Assessment

The Irlen® Method is a 2-step process. The first is a screening appointment that can be done by an Irlen Diagnostician or Screener, the second is a Spectral Filter assessment that can only be done by an Irlen Diagnostician. At IrlenPDX we can accommodate both appointments.

Step 1

The Screening Appointment can be done by an Irlen Diagnostician or an Irlen trained Screener. Here you will be led through a series of non-invasive tasks. The
tasks are customized to illicit symptoms to determine if color is helpful. Clients will leave with recommendations to make their environment more comfortable, and to see if an overlay or overlays will aid with reading distortions. If it is determined that Irlen Spectral Filters would be helpful, a second appointment with a Diagnostician will be made.

Step 2

The Spectral Filter assessment is done by an Irlen Diagnostician. During this session we will go through a series of lens colors to determine which lens color or colors will give you the most improvement for your unique need. The customized color may not only benefit reading but will often produce comfort in other areas such as headaches, eye fatigue/strain, depth perception, ADHD, anxiety, and ability to focus.

An annual recheck is recommended. Many clients find that their color needs may change over time. This can happen because of hormonal changes, growth spurts, injury, and medication changes, to name a few.

You may have seen on the web there are other companies that say they can provide color-tinted lenses. Those glasses are not the same as Irlen Spectral Filters. Our technicians hand-dip your lenses to apply your custom tint profile. No bulk batches no films.